What is it? Brow lamination (aka brow lift or brow perm) is a brand new trend or service that’s gaining popularity in Europe and here in the States. In a quick 45-minute appointment, your brows are lifted and locked into a perfectly brushed-up position, creating a fuller, fluffier look that lasts up to 12 weeks. It is a treatment that makes your natural brow hairs look thicker, darker and healthier by shaping and nourishing them. Brow lamination holds even the most stubborn eyebrows in check and adds volume and effect to narrow or over-plucked brows. It works wonders for all types of eyebrows whether you have skinny, thick or unruly brows

Who is it for? Anyone with a moderate to heavy amount of natural hair, and want a fuller, fluffier look with no commitment and very minimal maintenance.

Are there any contraindications? Thioglycolate allergy; sodium bromate allergy; little to no natural brow hair; within 1st trimester of pregnancy; active or recent eye infections such as conjunctivitis or impetigo; skin disorders affecting the brow area such as psoriasis or eczema; skin disease or trauma affecting the brow area; current or recent chemotherapy treatments (a doctors note is required); a positive reaction to a patch test; permanent brow makeup within the last 3 weeks; and brow henna within the lasts 6 weeks.

How is it done? The brow is cleansed and a softening solution is applied to the hair to relax its natural direction. Then a setting solution is applied and the brow hair is combed into the desired direction. After the setting solution is applied, a neutralizer is applied, then conditioner. The brow hairs are then tinted (we use Belmacil tint), and finally, waxed and prepped for final touches, and you’re ready to go! We use Ruthie Belle products for brow lamination.

Do I need a patch test? If you believe you have sensitive skin and would like to have a patch test done, it should be done 48hrs in advance. Most clients choose to skip the patch test.

Will I look normal after? Absolutely! You may experience some redness of the skin due to waxing or tweezing, but it does not typically last more than a few hours.

How do I prepare? Please arrive with NO MAKEUP ON above the lashline.

How do I care for my laminated brows afterwards? No hot water, steam, shampoos, makeup or skincare products within the first 48 hours; Do not use makeup remover or oils within the brow area; Comb/brush your brow hairs into place after washing. If redness or irritation occurs over the course of 24 hours, please contact your doctor about a potential reaction to the product, and then notify your artist. Applying coconut oil to the brows two nights per week and leaving it on overnight is a great idea. This will help to rehydrate the hair. Do not apply henna to the brows for at least 6 weeks.

How frequently do I need to have them done? You should expect your brows to lose their lift in 6-12 weeks, depending on your hair cycle. You may experience a longer lift from one session, and a shorter lift from another. It is not recommended to have your brows re-laminated sooner than 6 weeks.

Other considerations: Pregnancy (after 1st trimester), breastfeeding, taking the pill, and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) are not contraindications to brow lamination but the hormonal changes happening in the body may lead to a weaker lift. Also, if you are pregnant or nursing and have had a reaction, you would not be able to take an antihistamine.Note that the active ingredient in lash adhesive is not found in the products used for brow lamination (or lash lift/perm for that matter).

Should you have any questions about brow laminations, don't hesitate to call, text or email.

See you at the spa!

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