Facial (upper lip or chin or brows) (15 mins)         $20

Underarm (15 mins)                                                     $20

Arms or Half Legs or Back (30 mins)                        $30

Full Legs (60 mins)                                                       $50


Extended Bikini/Bikini (women only) (30 mins)    $40

Brazilian (women only) (60 mins)                             $50


LED Light Therapy (15 mins)                                  $30

LED light (green for brightening to reduce the redness after waxing and blue for anti-bacterial protection).

High Frequency (10 mins)                                       $30

A high-frequency machine is commonly used after waxing (particularly eyebrows, lips, chin or bikini) to reduce redness, eliminate bacteria, and minimize breakouts as well as help promote skin healing.